Medical Care



 CryoMed New Goals

With the New Year CryoMed goals have been reoriented to achieve new excellence and new highs on Medical Care, our scientist’s work around the clock to provide the best that Medical practice as to offer.

With the pass of one year CML as grow into a respectful and know Medical Company true the Galaxy,  our products and medical centers cover more than half of the galaxy, but that is not good enough for CML. Our goal is to have our Medical centers and our products all over the Galaxy to aid all the sentient’s that need our help.

Agreements as been arrange, partnerships have been established with various other companies and together we will grow stronger and Healthier.

Once again, and with more determination than ever, CryoMed opens its doors to public sales. Our doors are once again open to all sentient’s that need our Medical services and our products. For details please visit our website ( or dm me (Obi Wan Soares).

CML wish all galaxy sentient’s a year full of hope and joy.

My best regards.


Obi Wan Soares

CryoMed Lab’s


- Y 12 D 30: CML reopens is door's to public sales, after a period of transition CML is proudly to once again offer is products for all sentient's on the galaxy

 - Y 11 D 100: Lab's facilities are finally under way. 

- Y 11 D 77: CryoMed has started construction on the needed laboratories to start full scale production of all medical items .

 - Y 10 D 288: CryoMed Website opens for public!

- Y10 D 228: CryoMed reveals new product look!